DCLT manages projects with a stable, experienced, and purposeful staff. Dedicated and energetic board members guide DCLT’s strategic vision.

The staff of DCLT are a group of people deeply committed to the mission of the organization.


Sherry Taylor, Interim Executive Director: director@dclt.org

Adair Tompkins, Program Assistant: info@dclt.org

Marcia Rogers, Mgr. of Property & Sales

Gabriela Zapata, Assistant Property Manager

Jose Gradiz, Maintenance Technician

Ronald Stoute, Accounting Manager

Toniea Staton, Accounting Clerk

Timothy James, Construction Project Manager

Ajax Woolley, Pre-Development Project Manager

Board of Directors

What’s unique about the community land trust is that it is controlled by and accountable to a board of directors comprised of 1/3 land trust residents (R), 1/3 community representatives (C), and 1/3 public representatives (P).

Resident representatives (R) — are individuals that live in DCLT affordable housing units or, in other words, are Land Trust residents. While many of these representatives do not have prior Board experience, their first-hand knowledge of what is going on in the neighborhoods is extremely valuable to this organization. Many bring life-long experience of living in the neighborhood and are usually our first response to proposed development and activities in the neighborhood.

Community representatives (C) — are individuals that live in the communities where DCLT works. These individuals bring the valuable knowledge of the community at large. Often, these individuals are involved in their community (i.e. church, non-profit, business, etc.).

Public representatives (P) — are individuals from civic or local government. Most of these individuals are professionally employed with prior board experience. They often provide valuable knowledge of resources (financial, networking, government, construction, etc.) that can be utilized by DCLT.

DCLT 2023 Board of Directors

Tom Delviscio (L), East Durham neighbor, Carolyn Brown, Happy Sayre-McCord and Dustin Rawlings at DCLT’s “Not Your Typical Open House”

Public Neighborhood Resident
Lucia Constantine Charlie Ebel Oscar Hall
Buddy Amis VACANT Donna Myers, Secretary
Tony Ginyard Rochelle Araujo Latondra Jeter
Jennifer Carroll Antoine Freeman Laura Friederich
Happy Sayre-McCord, President Monica Edwards Ja-Quisha Frazier
Theresa Turner (Gov’t Seat)