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As a community-based nonprofit organization, it is crucial that DCLT:

Durham CAN and DCLT staff and volunteers preparing for a community canvas

1) Have first-hand knowledge of what is going on in our target neighborhoods,

2) Have community input in our revitalization efforts,

3) Know the needs of the people,

4) Know how to obtain resources for the community, and

5) Know how to develop the people as leaders and advocates for improvements in the overall quality of their lives.



Volunteer Opportunity

DCLT teamed up with community residents and neighborhood groups to clean up yards, remove debris, and plant trees and shrubs on properties owned by DCLT, Durham’s community land trust and affordable housing developer for over 30 years. The event included 70 volunteers and improved 7 sites.


Ashe St. Food Distribution

DCLT has teamed up with UCAN, ECWA, and Parks with a Purpose on a great collaborative project. As part of the project, we delivered boxes full of fresh fruits, vegetables, and other staples to our Ashe St. residents during the last quarter of 2020.


Durham CAN Assembly

Selina Mack speaking at Durham CAN’s October 2018 Assembly













Burch Avenue Community Garden

DCLT owns the land on which the Burch Avenue Community Association grows a community garden.

Neighborhood residents lease the fourteen beds on a yearly basis by donation and plant during all seasons of the year.

Garden beds are available for lease starting mid-March on a first come, first serve basis.

If interested in more information, please get in touch with Rachael Tilley at Rachaelktilley@gmail.com.

Make A Difference Day

High school students from DPS’s City of Medicine Academy help dig a community garden for Make A Difference Day with DCLT Property Manager, Karl Hammond (left) and Executive Director, Selina Mack (far right).

Recognized annually in October, Make A Difference Day is a national day of neighbors helping neighbors.


Community Engagement Committee Chair Sandy Demeree and her husband Michael are featured in the News & Observer

Sandy and Michael bought the building on North Street and turned it into a collective house for people with disabilities and their yard into a community garden. Jim Wise of the News & Observer wrote this piece.