All the Ways to Donate to DCLT

DCLT is a 501 c 3 tax-exempt organization.  Contributions and donations to DCLT are charitable contributions and are tax exempt.

  • ​ Are you an Individual who can afford to contribute the equivalent of a nice dinner or a new sweater to DCLT? 
  • Are you a Successful Durham business that could donate 1% of your profits to DCLT as a tax exemption?​
  • Are you a Property owner who would consider selling at below market value or to DCLT for a tax deduction?  
Supporting DCLT means supporting affordable housing as a community value.


Civic Group

Crowd sourcing and donor organizing can be powerful tools for partnership building and engagement.  Please be in touch with Kristen Cox, Development and Communications Manager at if you are part of a group interested in partnering with DCLT.


Consider making a secure online donation and become a monthly sustainer through
Network for Good.

Snail Mail

DCLT graciously accepts contributions by check or money order in any amount mailed or dropped off at our physical address – 1208 Chapel Hill St. Durham, NC 27701.

Real Estate, Stock and Planned Gifts

Board member, Sandy Demeree and her partner Michael Toohy plan to leave their two communal houses (and beautiful garden) to DCLT.  She says,“My husband and I will writing DCLT in our will to ensure DCLT can carry on the mission to provide housing for folks who need it most, like folks in my intentional community with and without disabilities of various means, all living together.”

Sandy Demeree, DCLT board member and chair of the Community Engagement Committee pictured here with residents, Janie Desmond and Jeff Morris.

Durham Community Land Trustees does gladly accept contributions of real property (land, houses, etc.), stock contributions, and planned gifts.  To make such a contribution, please contact Kristen Cox, Development Manager at 919.490.0063 x 102 or

In Kind Contributions

DCLT happily accepts donated items and contributions of pro-bono design, household appliances, equipment, building supplies and services, and tools. We do not accept contributions of food or clothing. Please contact us at

We are only as strong as the support we receive from donors like you. Thank you!