DCLT has 0% vacancy for low-income residents at present in Durham.

There is currently a 12-month waitlist for rentals, which underscores the gravely important need for low-cost, affordable rent in Durham.

There is nowhere in this country where someone earning minimum wage ($7.25/hr) can rent a two-bedroom apartment” — The National Low Income Housing Coalition

In North Carolina, $18.46/hr is required to afford a two-bedroom rental home.



A super-heated local market is rapidly displacing low-income, predominantly African-American and Latin@ residents – and the housing they can afford – from central neighborhoods in Durham.  DCLT is struggling to respond to the rapid, publicly incentivized, and market-driven demographic transformation of the neighborhoods we serve.

To restrain the displacement of low-income, especially African American and Latin@, renters and homeowners is certainly the challenge of the decade ahead.

DCLT’s goal is to avoid displacement for vulnerable individuals and families who want to live in a neighborhood with bus service near jobs, schools, parks, services, and public facilities downtown.