DCLT has developed a savings program – the Maintenance Individual Development Account – to encourage their homeowners to prepare for the large capital repairs that can plague aging homes.


DCLT provides a structured program for land trust homeowners to save for capital repairs while they work with financial educators with the Community Empowerment Fund for assistance.

Lawanda Anderson shares her success saving $1200 through the MIDA program:

“I saved $100 monthly over the course of 10-12 months and DCLT matched it for a total of $2400 for repairs. Their only requirement for the MIDA program was to attend financial workshops/seminars, save at your own rate, and then DCLT would match your savings total and contribute that amount in repairs for your house, while you kept your savings account for emergencies!

It is a “Hand-Up” and an opportunity to gain knowledge and resources, as well as, become economically empowered. You get to create a foundation as a new home-owner that you can build own and grow to the next level.”

Lawanda Lee Anderson is a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill and North Carolina Central University. She is the founder of Words of Essence, LLC, an organization that positively empowers and uplifts the community through motivational speaking and sharing poetry.