DCLT is contracting with Zego to process your online payments to DCLT.  Zego is a trusted service to ensure confidentiality, security and credit reporting!


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Questions or issues? Check Out Zego’s Frequently Asked Questions page.

*If you would rather continue to drop off payment, you may do so by stopping by the DCLT office at 1208 W Chapel Hill St. during office hours 9 am – 5pm,  Monday – Friday through the mail slot at the bottom of the door.

Remember DCLT charges a late fee for payments received after the 5th of the month.

Additional Common Questions:

How does this work? 

Tenants of Durham Community Land Trustees (DCLT) can enroll in reporting by:

1. Creating an online account with Zego.
2. Signing up to “Build Credit History” in your Zego account, giving them permission to report your timely rent payments.
3. Pay your rent online each month through Zego, by inputting your bank account information into Zego and either setting up automatic payments or making your payments each month through this online portal.
4. Zego will automatically report your timely payments to all three major credit

bureaus (TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian)!

What does this cost?

It will NOT cost you anything in 2021!

Please note: there is a fee for paying via debit or credit card, which CEF will not be able to cover.

When can I start?

For Durham Community Land Trustees tenants, you can start right away!

For Durham Housing Authority tenants, our timeline depends on DHA completing their set-up process—we will let you know when they are ready to go!

When will my score improve?

When you enroll, Zego will receive up to two years of your previous rent payment history, reporting all of your on-time payments during that time —developing an immediate positive history!

There are no specific guarantees on the timeline or increase in credit score, but rent reporting will build your credit history, which is important for giving future lenders, landlords, and other institutions a complete portrait of your credit history.

Can I opt-out of (or opt into) this program at any time?

Why rent reporting? 

Reporting rental payments offers renters an opportunity to build positive credit history through regular on-time rent payments and without taking on any new debt.

The best part? Rent reporting for credit building will only report positive rental data!

Typically, unless you take out a loan or open a credit card, it can be hard to find opportunities to build credit history. Not with rent reporting! Rent reporting will automatically boost your credit history through the payments you are already making.

This is a way to build your credit without spending extra money! Just do what you’re already doing!