An Exciting Acquisition for DCLT

In December 2016, DCLT seized an unusual opportunity to purchase 54 units of existing, scattered-site affordable homes from a private seller in East Durham.

This acquisition greatly expanded our portfolio of rental properties. These properties – some multi-family buildings, some duplexes, some single-family homes – are all occupied but are not up to the standard of quality that DCLT generally provides to its residents. These homes have not been invested in for many years and are in need of substantial renovation.


DCLT acquired these homes in December 2016 with a loan from Self-Help, but this project will require grant help since repairing and rehabbing property is expensive. Can you help?


We anticipate the city of Durham to support a portion of this rehab, but we will still need to raise money for asbestos and lead testing, as well as to make these homes energy efficient.  See DCLT’s growth campaign to be able to rehab these homes to bring them up to Durham’s housing code and give them an extra 20 years of life!

DCLT will work efficiently to reduce resident costs by:
  • Working with inspectors to agree on a comprehensive renovation plan.
  • Working with Peach Durham, a neighborhood based nonprofit organization, to assess and address lead hazards and train our staff.


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