Morehead Glen Apartments

These 20 townhouse-style rental properties developed in 1995 are located on a single site at the end of Rock Street. This project targets families earning 60% of AMI or less and offers 2-3 BDR units.

children residents at Morehead Glen


Brite Horizon Apartments

Brite Horizon contains 37 units, mostly duplex or triplex configuration units of 1 and 2 BDR rental apartments. The units are scattered across 12 sites in Lyon Park, Morehead Hill, and West End.

These energy-efficient and passive solar units were purchased in 2007 from private owners committed to maintaining their affordability.

These apartments feature solar hot water heaters, brick flooring, strategically placed overhangs, and south-facing windows.




Burch Avenue Community Garden


DCLT owns a quarter-acre lot at 833 Wilkerson Avenue that is a community garden managed by Burch Avenue Neighborhood Association. Community residents gather here to share knowledge and experience of growing fresh vegetables and flowers.

Garden beds are available for lease starting mid-March on a first come, first serve basis.




DCLT develops modular homes too!

1016 Rock Street


Burch Avenue News

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